Best Look From the Summer Sleepwear 2018 Collection

We are all experiencing different effects of this summer’s heat wave. Yet without complaining about the whole day, we are all suffering from hot nights! After a hard day work, we obviously want to stay in our comfy pajamas and love to watch our favorite shows.

Now trends in fashion are constantly evolving and the same goes for sleepwear and nightwear. Here are some best look from the stylish nightwear/ sleepwear, which would give you more comfort in summer nights.

1. Breezy Night shirt:

Stay comfortable as you get ready for bed, sleep and take a moment to wake up in the morning with night shirt. Our Night shirt collections are designed to be worn in bed and at home, and as ready-to-wear. In fact, on a sunny day, you can actually venture out in your shirt for a drink with your friends by wearing it with a pant.


2. Gown:
With the blend of classic designing and comfort, the collection is for sure worth having a glance. It is surprisingly cool and makes a perfect foundation for Summer dressing.


3. Strappy Nighty:
Stay comfortable as you get ready for bed, sleep and take a moment to wake up in the morning with a strappy nightie. This beautiful cotton strappy nighty helps to regulate your temperature and lends decency if you happen to pass a window.


4. Top and PJ set:

The set of Top and PJ are lined up to make every moment special. With this set, you will be stylish in the night too exactly like what you try to be during your day outs. We bring you this season’s hottest and most comfortable stylish nightwear which would give you more comfortable nights after a tired day.


5. 3/4 Pants:
Our latest range of Pants features a 3/4 length and inspired by the tunic version from Summer. the collection is waiting to embellish your personality. Made from the 100% cotton fabric, the new range of pants will grab your attention every single time.





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